Starting tomorrow: Get new daily inspiration and action items from Vegan Street

Do Good and Be Seen

Are you ready to make a difference?

At Vegan Street, we are dedicated to providing inspiration, tools and support to help build, engage and promote the vegan community, and help each member of this community feel more empowered and connected. Each week, we post new original essays, recipes, interviews, book and product reviews, eco-friendly home and personal care tips and compact, info-laden memes that all combine to make the vegan experience easier, richer and more fun.

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be taking this all a bit farther with the launch of Do Good and Be Seen, a new program designed to connect you to issues you care about and help you make positive change on these same issues.

Each day, on this page we’ll present a new action item — something that will interest and engage you about an issue connected with animal protection, environmental stewardship, social justice, public health or good citizenship. It will be something that you can absorb in just a few seconds and often accomplish with little effort. Each of these will be saved and archived, so you can go through them all at your convenience.

But we expect this page to become more than that, and this is where you come in. After each post, there will be an opportunity to comment, ask questions, leave information and join or start a conversation. Our hope is that we’ll get enough people engaged that this site will take on a life of its own, and even become a conversation hub where ideas are born, supportive relationships are created and important things happen.

So stay tuned tomorrow, New Year’s Day, for our first action item, and we will all see where it goes from there.

We wish you a happy and safe entry into the New Year.

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