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This site has moved!

We have moved this Do Good and Be Seen to It was our intention to have that page set up for us before we started 4 days ago, but thanks to a steeper than expected learning curve for setting it up, … Continue reading

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Today’s Tip: Start a MeetUp Group

If you live in a large city, consider starting a Meetup group for your particular areas of interest or community within veganism. Cinephiles, parents, LGBTQ people, athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists are all examples of communities that can be fostered among … Continue reading

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Today’s Tip: Exchange Skills.

Organize a skill-share exchange. Teach your non-vegan friends (or new ones) how to stock a vegan pantry, how to bake without eggs, how to make natural housecleaning products, and more in a relaxed, fun way. Better yet, figure out different … Continue reading

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Today’s tip: Lead a tour.

Offer unofficial tours of your local grocery stores for those who are looking for vegan groceries, offering them ideas on what to look for in terms of ingredients, what packaging icons to look for, what “cruelty-free” means on personal care … Continue reading

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Today’s tip: Become a mentor.

At least once a month, make a standing offer through your social media channels that you are available to support and mentor anyone who is trying to move in the direction of veganism. Offer to help with recipes, shopping tips, … Continue reading

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