Today’s tip: Become a mentor.


At least once a month, make a standing offer through your social media channels that you are available to support and mentor anyone who is trying to move in the direction of veganism. Offer to help with recipes, shopping tips, technology ideas (such as apps that are helpful) and other resources that can make the transition much easier.

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5 Responses to Today’s tip: Become a mentor.

  1. We will be hosting a healthy food exchange Monday nights in Berwyn, IL. This is a free service through my practice in an effort to help busy people have more healthy food in the house. Everyone brings a dish to share with others and containers to bring food home in. Plant based meals are highly encouraged!

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    • Hi Jason, Awesomely small world. We’re in Berwyn as well. We have a Chicago VeganMania planning meeting every other Monday evening, but we’ll stop by on one of our off nights. -John from Vegan Street


      • Jason says:

        Great John! I’ve been talking to Marla recently. I’m hoping I can be a part of Veganmania this year in some way. Marla was thinking about checking out my fitness class as well. I think your world is about to get smaller. If you are Marla’s husband, my sister-in-law cuts your hair.


  2. sisterpress says:

    Great tip! Thanks, an excellent welcome to 2015.

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  3. marlarose says:

    Thank you, sisterpress, and you too!


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